dish type: Dips & Spreads

caramelized garlic and bacon jam

If you are a fan of all things bacon, then this is a MUST have recipe for you! Imagine all the best flavours of breakfast blended together slow and low for hours until they form an unbelievably delectable, syrupy goodness. Yes - that IS bacon jam! Spread it on crisps, baguette or serve it alongside your favourite eggs this weekend. Packaged up in pretty wrappings alongside your favourite raincoast crisps® you have a great gift for a very lucky recipient. Whatever you do, try this recipe out and see why bacon jam is all the rage in foodie circles...


roasted beet hummus

Looking for the perfect pre-game entertaining dip? This hummus takes everyone's favourite appie up a notch - the perfect partner for those hot wings and cold IPA's. This comes together quickly once the beets are roasted, so cook them up the day before and you'll easily have a party platter on the table before...


caramelized onion dip

The secret to this recipe is a little patience and giving the onions the occasional stir while cooking. Ensuring that the onions are properly browned and caramelized will give this recipe it's distinctive sweet and savoury...


pomegranate, cranberry bruschetta

If you are looking to spruce up your standard bruschetta this holiday season, try adding festive ingredients like pomegranate seeds and cranberries. This fresh take on bruschetta is best served on raincoast crisps® rosemary raisin pecan with melty...


lesley’s fresh guacamole

Fresh guacamole just can’t be beat, and it also couldn't be easier. The trick here is to make it just moments before serving to let the freshness of each flavour stand out – it takes less than five minutes to chop and mix together. Compared to even the best store-bought variety we're sure you'll agree this is better. Serve with lesley stowe raincoast cheese crisps™ aged cheddar and harissa for an enhanced spin on your avocado toast or for a cheesy change up from tortilla chips....


East Coast lobster roll filling

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with your favourite Canadian ingredients? Try this authentic East Coast lobster roll filling appetizer that will have your guests reaching for seconds. They’re great to pass around the party and really embrace the flavours of...