dish type: Condiments

new orleans style muffuletta

Muffuletta originated in New Orleans, where it’s used as a sandwich filling. Bursting with flavor, it makes an interesting addition to soups, tomato sauce, pizza and pasta and it’s great all on its own. It’s a staple in my fridge; I love to serve it on the original raincoast crisps® or baguette slices, either straight up or partnered with soft goat...


sweet pea and avocado hummus

Fresh sweet peas are back! And this dip is a super fast and easy way to enjoy them. If you’re using peas straight out of the garden be sure to blanche them for 2-3 minutes in boiling water and then cool them quickly in an ice bath so that they retain their brilliant color, but fresh frozen will work just as well....


homemade ricotta

Fresh, D.I.Y. ricotta is all the rage right now and it's no wonder! It couldn't be simpler to make and the results are infinitely better than the store bought variety. I love to spread it on toasted bread but it's also great as a base for tarts and other sweet treats. To add some extra flavour, add fresh herbs, a spoonful of pesto or tapenade and serve as a dip with your favourite flavour of raincoast crisps®, raincoast flats®, and grilled rustic baguette slices. The ricotta will keep at least 4 days in the...


caramelized garlic and bacon jam

If you are a fan of all things bacon, then this is a MUST have recipe for you! Imagine all the best flavours of breakfast blended together slow and low for hours until they form an unbelievably delectable, syrupy goodness. Yes - that IS bacon jam! Spread it on crisps, baguette or serve it alongside your favourite eggs this weekend. Packaged up in pretty wrappings alongside your favourite raincoast crisps® you have a great gift for a very lucky recipient. Whatever you do, try this recipe out and see why bacon jam is all the rage in foodie circles...

Blueberry Chutney Recipe

blueberry and plum chutney

This chutney incorporates springtime flavors preserved for enjoyment throughout the year. You can easily multiply as desired and store jars away for when you need a fresh fruity hit throughout the long winter months. In the meantime, enjoy some with your favorite chicken or pork dish, as the base for a dressing on your favorite summer salad or paired with aged cheddar and lesley stowe raincoast oat crisps™ oat and rosemary...