A Unique S’mores Board

Credit: Michael Wurm Jr. of @inspiredbycharm

Feeling like enjoying a sweet grazing board? This s'mores board is perfect for you. It's like what glamping would be for a s'mores. Sophiscated with cherries, blueberries, and dips, yet still has the great campfire feel with the classic marshmellows, chocolate squares, and fire cookies.


  • raincoast crisps® fig and olivesalty date and almond
  • marshmellows
  • chocolate bars
  • fresh berries
  • cherries
  • nuts
  • hazelnut spread
  • peanut butter
  • toasted coconut
  • "Flame" cookes


  • STEP 1: Best part of this board? No prep! Just place all the delicious ingredients onto your board, and your dips into small bowls.

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