lesley’s chocolate curls

Chocolate curls are the best of both worlds – pretty and delicious. They’re easy to make and versatile, using different kinds of chocolate to achieve different results and visual effects. White chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate are all great options and provide a variety of flavors! Try pairing with lesley stowe raincoast crisps® salty date and almond served with orange marmalade and a bold zinfandel.


  • 1 lb (500 g) block of chocolate (white, milk or dark)


  • STEP 1: In a microwave set to defrost, soften the block of chocolate for 15 seconds. (Dark chocolate will likely take a little longer to soften than white.)
  • STEP 2: Using a vegetable peeler, peel off strips of chocolate, gently lifting onto a platter or baking sheet (you may need to soften the block in the microwave more than once, but be careful not to melt it.)
  • STEP 3: Use the heel of your hand to continue softening chocolate between removing strips.
  • STEP 4: If it’s warm in your kitchen, refrigerate the curls as you go – they lose their shape quickly

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