red pepper feta dip

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Roasting peppers at home is super easy and adds a delightful smoky flavour that I find lacking in most commercial varieties. Perhaps it's the freshness of them, but the home-roasted variety can't be beat! Other than the peppers, this dip whips up in literally under two minutes so it's the perfect dish to serve when unexpected guests pop over for a visit.

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  • STEP 1: To roast the peppers: place the peppers on a cookie sheet under the broiler - roast the peppers rotating every few minutes until they are charred on each side. Place the peppers in a paper bag or a strong freezer bag and let cool completely. Once cool, the skin and seeds should come away easily.
  • STEP 2: Place the peppers, garlic, and olive oil in a food processor - puree until smooth. Place the dip into a bowl and crumble the feta in. Mix until the feta is well combined but still chunky.
  • Ingredients
    • 2 red peppers, roasted
    • 2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
    • 1 clove garlic, crushed
    • 1 cup sheep's feta, crumbled
    • sea salt and pepper to taste